Monday’s Motivation: You are enough

It’s an excellent question.
But an even better one is…
Why not?”

You are enough. Just Pursue It.

Sue Levy  “Why?  It's an excellent question.  But an even better one is... Why not?”  You are enough. Just Pursue It.

It is very easy to fall under the “Monday Blues” curse.

We tend to always expect the worst from Mondays. We expect that something bad is going to happen. We expect to get that flat tire. We expect to not meet our goals and deadlines. We expect that we are not worthy…

What if I told you that IT IS ALL ONE BIG FAT LIE!

We need to start having the attitude of “I am enough”

  • We are not weak … We are strong

  • We are not just anyone … We are someone special

  • We are not negative .. We just allow fear to get in the way, yet we are positive in our hearts.
  • We are not failures … We are winners

  • We are not just people … We are children of a King

Our minds tend to trick us in believing we are not enough. Yet if we have to drop the fear and ignore the negative voices, we will discover the truth.

The truth is that we are unstoppable.

Pursue to not be so hard on yourself, because you are indeed, enough.

Sincerely Sue

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