“O” goodness! I’m honored to be published in The Oprah Magazine!

Sue Faith Levy, Contributor in Oprah Magazine

I’m a Contributor in The Oprah Magazine!

My journey as a writer started when I got published in the Weekend Argus at the tender age of 9. In last year I dedicated my life to become a full time motivational Speaker and writer and it’s has been one of immense happiness. I love that I have a blog that reaches out to women all around the world and give them a boost of motivation. It’s been an absolute highlight that “Just Pursue It” placed 1st Runner up in the South African Blog Awards in December 2012 for Best Spirituality/ Religious Blog.

I have been keeping this secret for a few months, but now I can tell everybody the good news. My article was published in the February Issue of The Oprah magazine (Insert Happy Dance)

A full 2 page article (Page 94 and 95) is about the love story between my husband and I.It gives you an inside look on how we managed to overcome the hurdles of being two people in love but having to find a common ground as we came from two different religions.
Seeing my face on the contributor’s page (Page 8) brought about the water works. I found myself crying so much at the book store. My husband just hugged me as I was so overwhelmed, I could not stop crying! My dream of being a writer is coming true and now I am published in my favourite Inspirational magazine!

I’ll write a full post on the 8 Women dream website for this coming Thursday. You don’t want to miss out on how my dream came true.

With that said:
I want to thank the staff of The Oprah magazine for publishing my article and making my dream come true.

This piece is dedicated to my husband Aslam. 2012 was a year that tested our love. I learned so much from you and your dedication to our relationship has given me a boost to pursue my dream of being an author and motivational writer. Thank you for your support my love.

2012 ended on a high. Now 2013 is starting with a bang! Let’s Pursue 2013 with more positivity and motivation. This is only the tip of the iceberg. I look forward to writing more articles in this year.

Thanks to all who has thus far shared in my happiness. Love you all lots.

Sincerely Sue

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