The Sue Review: Dr Gobac Cosmeceuticals Exfoliating Masque

Sue Levy and DR Gobac #TheSueReview

The Exfoliating Masque Packaging

I am very interested in good quality products, after the age of 30, taking care of ones skin is imperative. I tried this product as it intrigued me a bit. So we all know that an exfoliating mask has texture and feel somewhat sandy right? Well this one is smooth! At first I thought “This is not going to work” but to my surprise it is a phenomenal multi-purpose product that not only offers a gentle, enzymatic approach to removing dead skin cells but at the same time treat the skin as a masque would, offering improved hydration and protection.


Dr Gobac Cosmeceuticals was developed my medical practitioner Dr Gobac who applied his expert knowledge on the histo-physiology of the skin, his involvement with cosmetic chemistry in terms of the formulation, research and development of premium brands, and his years of intense research on skin rejuvenation to develop this range of highly effective cosmeceutical products.

It contains papain enzyme to effectively dissolve the dead keratinised layers of the epidermis. It also contains Vitamin E acetate which feeds the skin, improves elasticity and is a protective antioxidant; Retinyl Palmitate (a form of Vitamin A) and Palmitic Acid (a component of palm oil). These ingredients are easily absorbed into the deeper layers of the skin, where they are converted to retinol to help control and stimulate the growth of epidermal cells, improve stability among the cells, and restore the epidermal architecture, while protecting the skin against infections.

Sue Faith Levy

I applied a thin layer on my skin, it’s a almost translucent with application and smells good too.

How to use it?

Use 1x or 2x a week on cleansed dry skin, avoiding the eye and lip area. Apply a thin layer of EXFOLIATING MASQUE over face and neck. Allow to absorb for 10-15 minutes. Rinse off with lukewarm water.

My thought?

This is a smooth and not abrasive Exfoliant that leaves my skin smooth and give it a natural healthy shine. Don’t be fooled by it’s clear appearance, a lot of work has gone in it to make sure it works just as well if not better than the traditional grainy exfoliants.

You can find it at  selected spas and salons, Placecol outlets, Camelot Spas and Edgars stores. Retail price: R399.00

For more Information

Dr Gobac Cosmeceuticals


Tel: 011 314 9222 or 071 600 1813 

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