Calming a crying baby

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Crying is the only way in which a newborn can communicate with its mother. I know right… I also wish I was fluent in the crying language (wishful sigh) Sometimes it leaves us as mothers very frustrated but for one moment, can you only imagine how frustrating it must be for our baby if we  force feed them and all they really want is to be changed into a clean diaper?

So part of having a 2 month old is that I’m not so overwhelmed when she bursts out in uncontrollable crying. It’s only because I have 2 months of experience of trial and error and I’m still learning. Oh believe me there were many trials and don’t get me started with the errors! This still does not make me an expert but it does make me fairly experienced new mom and not like in the first few weeks where I would cry with because of not knowing what to do.

So here are a few techniques that work for me and that could help you:

  • Remain Calm
    it’s the first most important step, babies can sense a mother’s stress so if you are calm she/he will pick up on it.
  • Do the routine check up for the obvious
    I call it the Feed, Burp and Diaper check. Sometimes I am obsessed with the fact that she didn’t burp yet, I forget that she actually needs a diaper change! It happens to the best of us.
  • Shhhhhh
    making the loud Shssssh noise  into the ear of an infant, mimics the sound that the baby was constantly surrounded by  in the womb, the mothers circulatory system.  That works with my little one.
  • Rocking and swaying
    Rhythmic moving such as rocking imitates the jiggling your baby felt inside the uterus and activates the calming reflex. Ways to use motion are: baby slings and carriers, dancing, infant swings, rocking, swaying and pushing baby in a pram.
  • Position
    Newborns are easier to calm when they’re lying on their side or stomach. This triggers the calming reflex by imitating your baby’s position in the uterus.  So try and lay them on your forearm, face down, A friend of mine did that and my angel was calmed down as putting pressure on her stomach eased the winds.
  • Play some music
    They recommend that you play music to your baby while she is in the uterus, I find that playing that same music or genre helps to remind her that “Mommy is here”. Classical music is a winner…Bach and Sarah Brightman works best for me
  • Soothers
    otherwise known as a “dummy” or “pacifier” is used to soothe baby  when they become all whiny. You would notice that infants may use a pacifier, their thumbs or fingers to soothe themselves as it imitates the feeling of feeding from the mother and will help to calm them.
  • Hand over
    This is a point that my husband taught me. If all else fails hand the baby to a partner or family member. Being upset and emotional can cause you to do something out of your control due to unstable emotional stress. Shouting at a baby is not advisable as they can’t help for not being able to speak yet. I have learnt that babies can throw huge tantrums with that small body .If  no-one else is around I simply give myself a 5 minute timeout, put baby in the cot to cry and just walk away to calm myself. I’ll return after a few minutes and try again all of the above mentioned steps again until she’s calmed down.

As a new mom, being tested is a daily challenge. Patience becomes your friend, so be patient,  firstly with yourself as you are learning as well.

I hope you find this post helpful, if you have any other techniques, feel free to comment a I am always willing to take advice.



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