The Sue Review: Win with Paper&Pieces (Competition closed)

Paper&Pieces is the realisation of a dream of doing something outside the corporate world that occupies my headspace during the week. Something far removed from my other passion – communication and getting people to talk to and engage with each other effectively – Founder Marí.Lategan

A piece of online paradise

It’s no wonder that, in a world of mass produced goods and cookie-cutter style, more and more people are looking for the truly unique. Introducing Paper&Pieces, an online boutique for those with an eye for the rare and beautiful.

Paper&Pieces is the brainchild of renowned communications specialist Marí Lategan. Eager to escape the corporate world in which she is immersed during the week, Marí created the website as her “happy place”, a platform where she can share her passion for décor, interesting places and people and, most of all, beautiful things. Marí laughingly describes Paper&Places as similar to her desk: stylish, uncluttered and easy to use. It borrows from her work space in other ways, too, most notably from her past experience as a publisher of magazines and newspapers.

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Her affinity with these paper-based mediums hints at a love for other things which, in a world obsessed with all things digital, borders on the nostalgic: the art of writing letters, for example, or the magic of receiving a carefully penned card.

Paper&Pieces pays homage to these ‘old-fashioned’ notions with a range that is sweetly sentimental: find exquisite stationery (think gift sets, wrapping paper, gift tags and cards) with charming bird, damask and sheep motifs, for example, just waiting to inspire your inner writer. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a gift (even a small present for yourself – and why not?), you’ll definitely find it in Paper&Piece’s range of gorgeous homeware. From whisper soft baby blankets and plush merino throws to napkins, toys, and scatter cushions bearing whimsical prints, there are plenty of ‘pieces’ to choose from.

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Marí says that each bespoke item has been carefully selected with the aid of her co-creators, the talented Liz Ludick and Melanie Fortuin-Durr. Sharing a similar aesthetic and a love of all South Africa’s singular design idiom, the trio have worked hard to create a collection that reflects their special story. More than simply a showcase for exquisite design, Marí sees Paper&Pieces as a platform for sharing ideas and insights. “I’m looking forward to helping fans uncover those hidden gems that make life extraordinary, and I’m hoping that they’ll do the same,” she enthuses.

In the meantime, Paper&Pieces welcomes not only shoppers looking for that special something, but also retailers scouting out one-of-a-kind items.

“It’s my hope that all the visitors to this site will leave feeling inspired  to celebrate what makes us South African,” Marí says. To find out more visit or like us on Facebook

Giveaway: Win 1 of 2 vouchers worth R250

Paper&Pieces was generous to offer 2 lucky  Just Pursue It readers a voucher to the value of R250 to spend on Paper & Pieces online store.

To be one of our winners, all you need to do is the following:

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Winners will be announced this Friday  ( 10th October).

The winners are:

Ulpha Endries and Meg are the winners

Congrats Ulpha and Megs!


Regards Sue

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