Why I choose to Block People

I  heard a lovely lady said that she thinks blocking people is childish. ‘

In the case of people being jealous, I think it is.

But I also have a side to my story…I beg to differ, this is why:

When I allow someone in my life, I give them my all. My attention, my time, I’m a natural bubbly person by heart, I give advise.But there is a line. My line is if you don’t greet me, act disrespectful towards me and my family,you do NOT deserve my time.

I am an adult, I talk things out.
I will do my best to accommodate you.
I get it if you need a day or two to cool down, but showing me that you were raised poorly in the respect side is sad. Not for only me, but for you and the future.

Ps. Read all my messages to you. Not once have I been rude, and that is why I block people. Because I dont see why yóu need to entertain ‘bitchy behaviour. I’m 32 and not in highschool anymore.

Out of sight, Out of mind.
I prefer it that way, I need to guard my heart too.

I dont block you, I block your negativity.

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