Win R 10,000 with the Gumtree South Africa School Fund

Win with Sue Faith Levy and just pursue it

Are you a student? Do you have plans to go study? Then this is for you.

Win up to R 10,000 for Tertiary Education Expenses!

My loves, I have one exciting announcement to make. (Insert a very excited happy dance here)

As many as you know, I love giving. Especially to my amazing readers. Because of you I get to do what I love, and that is writing and inspiring others.

So here are the details:

Gumtree is committed to helping you take your studies to the next level! To help kick start your tertiary education, Gumtree is offering a school fund program to three lucky winners located in South Africa.

The Gumtree School fund will grant three cash prizes, one for each of the three winners:

1st Grand Prize: cash prize of R 10,000

2nd Place: A cash prize of R5000

3rd Place: A cash prize of R5000



How do you enter?

Applications open Novemeber 3rd – December 31st

Option 1:

Use the online form:

Online form

Use the online form:

Option 2:

  • Tell us why you deserve to win the Gumtree School Fund competition.
  • Include the following details in your essay: Full Name, Postal Address, Contact Number, Email.

Email your entry to

Option 3:

Comment on the blogpost below for an extra entry. Why should you win the money for your education.

All the best my lovelies!

Sincerely Sue

Terms & Conditions
Gumtree Scholarship Eligibility:
  • Be a South African citizen or a permanent resident of South Africa
  • Be 18 years or older
  • Be attending high school, a college, university or other tertiary institution, or have enrolled at a college, university or other tertiary institution for no later than February 2016
Selection Criteria:
Three preferred finalists will be selected at the end of the competition period based on a randomized selection from the pool of qualifying entrants.

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  1. Anisha Singh says:

    Dearest Sue-Levy

    I quit my dead end job and decided to follow my dream of becoming a Psychologist. My son is Autistic and he was the driving force in my career choice. I knew that there are hundreds of specula needs children who need some guidance and support in this country. So 2 years later this 30 something student is moving mountains. I have achieved many distinctions through hard work and truly burning the midnight oil! I will be over the moon if I could win the prize so that I could pay for my final years of studies. That will give me some breathing space. So yes, Sue, this woman has been through hell and back and has endured so much in this life, but she will be leaving a legacy for sure,watch out world, here I come! with inspirational women like you, the world is certainly a brighter place. Thank you!

    P.S have emailed my entry to Gumtree as well:)

  2. abigail Moodley says:

    Hi Sue

    I have just completed my ancillary nursing course and would love to further my education in nursing and become a sister one day.
    I still need to study so much more to reach that level and it will cost me over R100000 to do that, next up is to become a enrolled nursing assistant and for that course I need R35000 and a year of full commitment. The prize money will help me achieve that and take a huge load off us.
    This is my dream, to love, care for those that cannot for themselves. It’s my calling in life that I feel cannot be wasted.

    It will not only help me to live my dream but it will help others that I will assist by being comfortable.



  3. Halima Shaik says:

    Been a mom and marrying at an early age hasn’t stopped my passion for eduction and empowerment,my heart lays in educating the child and being in the classroom has been a havan for me.Thus far I managed to attain my diploma in ECD on my own,I worked countless hours making savouries and paid my way to it!!Howver due to financial difficulty I face now,I’m unable to go forward,my interntion is to attain my degree through unisa and thus acquire myself a stable job.This would be a dream come true for me.

  4. Kelley Petersen says:

    Dear Sue Levy and Gumtree

    My name is Kelley Petersen. I am twenty one years old and a full-time Psychology student. In 2016 I will be pursuing my fourth and final year of the BPsych degree at Midrand Graduate Institute, Cape Town Campus (You can read about the programme here: ).

    My parents are divorced and I stay with my mother. My parents are unable to pay for my fees. Fortunately my mother has, for the past three years, been successful in obtaining a student loan on my behalf from ABSA. I have been using a student loan for the past three years for my studies.

    My mother is in the process of applying for my student loan for 2016, but it is not guaranteed that her application will be successful. My family’s situation has for the past 3 years caused me financial-related worry. My greatest fear is that I may not be able to complete my degree due to financial constraints, especially now that I will be pursuing my final year of study. 

    I will be greatly appreciative of any financial support I can receive, as it will lessen my family’s financial strain. I am a diligent student and I am determined to achieve my goal of becoming a counsellor. 
    I would like to thank you for taking the time to consider my application, and I optimistically look forward to a favourable response.

    Yours sincerely,
    Kelley Petersen

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