Would I buy a Microsoft Laptop?

About two weeks ago Microsoft dropped a bomb on the consumer laptop market when they revealed the ‘Surface Book’. It’s a gamechanger for a number of reasons but the main one for me are that it’s Microsoft’s first proper laptop. But wait… can we really call the Surface Book a laptop? The screen detaches transforming it into a tablet device, it comes with a stylus and the ingenious hinge allows you to flip the screen all the way over. Okay, I will admit that Microsoft brought their A-Game to this product. Added to the already awesome hardware, Microsoft now give you Windows 10 for free. Yes, for free… Niks, Mahala!

So here’s my dilemma, I recently blogged about buying the new Gold Macbook, but would I choose the Surface Book over a Macbook? Let’s look at what the Surface Book bring to the table.


The Stylus
A mere three months after Apple unveiled their new ‘Pencil’(C’mon Apple it’s a stylus, who are you trying to fool) alongside the iPad Pro, Microsoft ups the Ante by giving us a stylus that works with a Laptop. For those of you who prefer writing short notes or work in the Desktop Publishing Industry this should have you very excited. Me? I’m yet to be convinced… but I’m open to it

Storage space
This is a big one for me. Because I work with Multimedia on a daily basis, my laptop tends to fill up very quickly with photos, videos and design files (And maybe a season or two of Grey’s Anatomy).  You can get the Surface Book in the 1 Terabyte option and not need to worry about running out of storage space for quite a while. Something that irks me about my dainty Macbook Air

Front and back Camera’s
Because the screen detaches and becomes a tablet device, there are cameras on both the front and back. And decent cameras at that. The front-facing camera is a 5 Megapixel and the rear-facing a 8 megapixel that can record 1080p HD video. There’s no Apple Laptop with both a front and rear facing camera combination, points to Microsoft here.

Business Productivity
I might personally use a Macbook, but at my place of work I churn out my designs on my trusty Windows-based Lenovo machine. It’s got all the usual Microsoft office software installed and let’s be honest, most corporate companies run Microsoft software. The new Macbook might look pretty, but the office productivity power of windows machines gives us ladies to boost we need to climb the corporate ladder.




So would I buy the new Microsoft Surface Book? Yes, as a very capable office machine. And then get the Gold Macbook as my personal laptop at home and on the weekends. A girl can get the best of both right? In the blog about the Macbook I linked you guys to a cool Apple laptop comparison tool, but here’s a better one that lists almost every laptop brand out there. If you have a slow ancient machine you’re struggling with, maybe it’s time to sell it and trade up. You deserve it!

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