Time for a new Macbook?

Two things come to mind when I think of Apple Macbooks. The first is the day I got my first Macbook, and the second is the unbelievable sexy Gold Macbook. Yes, gold * swoon *

I got my first Macbook from Aslam on Mothers day three years ago. It was around that time when I really got into blogging and a light, powerful laptop was exactly what I needed to carry around to meetings.

Apple Gold

Fast forward to 2015 and Apple has recently announced the new Macbook which for the first time comes in an anodized Gold colour. To those who’ve not heard about the anodizing process before, the colour is electrochemically bonded to the metal. What I love about Macbook’s are how they have all the software you need right out of the box, with no need to install productivity applications before you can get going. What also helps is that I love the Google suite of online applications. So I just log in to my Gmail account and have access to all my files and the editing tools in Google Docs. Now, this is where you might ask why I’m not talking about iCloud, which offers the same editing tools as Google Docs? Well, to be honest, iCloud has been in Beta for so long and it still feels a bit ‘Half-Baked’?
But let’s talk about the new Macbook for a little bit and a few of the features I think are great:

Apple Gold 2

Retina Display
The 2304 x 1440 screen resolution (Geeks will know that this is impressive considering that HD is 1080), makes everything being displayed so much more sharper and clearer.

At 0.92kg even lighter that the Macbook Air that’s 1,35kg. That’s impressive, and  can only imagine how much lighter Apple will make the next generation Air.

Battery Life
Apple has invested significantly in improving the battery life of all their new devices while still adding new features and functionality. The new Macbook has up to 9 hours of wireless web surfing usage, which is just about enough to carry you through a day.

The New USB-C Port
You can’t talk about the battery without talking about the charger and the new Macbook is the first Apple device to jump ship and switch to the new USB ‘C’ port. Gone are the days of needing a special Apple charger…. It’s about time!
Finding the right Laptop can be tricky, and I know that for some of you who are media professionals’, the MacBook Pro would be a better match. Probably a bigger concern when buying Apple products… the price L. These awesome products don’t come cheap.
But have you considered selling your current device on Gumtree and buying a fairly new one online? No? Then I suggest you check out http://www.gumtree.co.za/pages/laptops/apple/

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