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Dear Readers,

As many of you know, I am inspired by many women who have worked hard to be where they are, and who did not allow their negative past to affect them or their dreams. On that note, wehave an awesome Inspirational woman for October.

I would love to introduce you to the lovely Whitney Butcher.

Whitney Butcher may be young in years, she is indeed a wise soul after the experiences and issues that she has already tackled in her life. Whitney comes from a background of indoctrination and abuse, and in breaking free she proves that you need to remain true to who you are and always strive to be your absolute best.

Whitney started WD Consulting, a law firm with a difference. Why a difference you may ask? Well, one of their primary objectives is to offer all of their clients personal coaching/ mediation, as well as legal advice, to ensure that the best possible outcome to a situation can be reached, where all of the affected parties are able to leave the situation stronger and more empowered, and ready to move forward in their lives. Whitney’s aim with her firm is help society move away from the stereo-typical American way of life, where we all feel that if someone has wronged us our first course of action must to be to sue and make them pay. Through her firm’s approach of offering coaching and mediation to all clients the hope is to help heal society, and leave people in a better place emotionally than when they first approached WD Consulting.

Why did you decide to study law?

I have always loved the power that law can have with people and matters globally, so when used from a place of love it can have a huge effect on matters that urgently need attention. I aim, through my heart-focused work, to bring a positivity to the industry that has historically had quite a negative, power-hungry image.

Take us through the journey of your previous life’s experience and how that prepared you to be the person you are today

I was brought up in a Jehovah’s Witness household, it was all I knew until I got to that age where questions started being asked- something Witnesses are urged not to do. As a result of my own personal research and, therefore changed mindset, I decided to leave which resulted in me being ostracized. This basically means that you cannot have any form of communication with your family or friends, and with me being in the religion my whole life, I had to completely rebuild my life. Through having a coach at my side supporting me and being clear on exactly what I wanted, I came to be the empowered and motivated person I am today.

According to law, what is abuse and how does one identify it if one has not experienced it directly?

Legally abuse is defined as the breach of trust, no matter what the form. This could be with people we trust the most such as family, friends or even authority heads within an organisational group. Abuse often continues after the initial act has taken place.

When did you first realise you were in fact being abused as part of your religious group?

I initially did not recognize it as abuse. However, in my late teens, when I started questioning certain issues, I realized that the organisation I was in had very strict rules in order to keep you quiet; especially publically within the church where you are forbidden to ask questions of doubt about the content of what is being taught.

For others there is child abuse, for example in the USA, the Jehovah’s Witness Head Quarters have a database of approximately 23 000 child sexual abusers. Parents are sadly not made aware of these facts. Parents and children are not prevented from going to the authorities, but rather deeply encouraged to report these incidents to the elders of the organisation first, thereby keeping the details and incident within the church. This really disturbed me as the child abusers were still allowed to be part of the church with no member knowing that they were indeed child molesters and who could freely operate amongst children. Yet those people who question the teachings of the Church are expelled from it and not allowed to be part of the community!

What is WD Consulting?

Our aim at WD is to give people the support they need, and the voice to be able to express themselves without suppressing and sabotaging themselves. Through our coaching and mediation, we therefore encourage acknowledgement of what is and give them the option to either stay where they are or move forward. We offer the same to those going through a divorce as an optional final step before we legally handle the case- so we really want to approach each case from a place of love and true support.

Legal field is still very male dominated. How do you plan to advance women or promote gender equality and deal with violations of human rights in your company and society?

I have never really looked at the legal field as male dominant since I feel gender is just another contributing factor to us being human. Men and women are different and therefore I believe we each have something to bring to the table. I am 100% confident in our coaching process to support individuals in their times of need as well as offering them the legal support, if they choose to accept it thereafter.

Who is that person who contributed positively to you becoming the person you are today?

 I would definitely say my coach Belim Dos Santos, who has also become like a father to me in the process. He saw through my suppression and really offered his hand and pulled me out the gutter via coaching. Belim and his family have been absolutely amazing, and really given me the love and support I needed not just from a coaching perspective, they also gave me that family unity and showed me what family is all about.

What advice (life lessons) would you give to someone aspiring to be like you?

Always do your research before making a decision or commitment, don’t rely purely on your emotions and feelings – you need the facts! Question everything, don’t just accept it as the truth, and make sure you are able to see things from all aspects. Always, always, always be your word and come from a place of love not revenge, no matter what you have gone through.

Dear Whitney,

Thank You for being our October Inspirational Woman of the month. I admire your strength and your determination. I am sure so many of my Readers will be inspired by your words.

I also believe that when you use a negative situation and turn it into a positive one, then you have mastered the art of Positive thinking. By refusing to be swallowed by negativity. You only bring Sunshine to the lives of others.

Sincerely Sue

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