Tips for networking for women who want to give their careers a boost

It is often said that success in business is more about who you know than what you know. While this may not be entirely true, it is an unavoidable fact that a strong network of useful contacts is an absolutely critical tool that every ambitious person should have in their toolkit.


With that in mind, even those who find that networking does not come naturally to them should still make an effort to build such a list of contacts. Fortunately, the internet has provided, and continues to provide, more and more platforms for doing this in increasingly quick and simple ways.

How can the internet be used in networking?

One of the most traditional and most popular approaches to networking is events such as business conferences. Business conference firms specialise in bringing people together from particular industries or professions. As a result, Lord Laidlaw sold his car collection and made the headlines in 2013. Prior to this, he ran a business conference firm. In doing so, he provided unique opportunities for like-minded people with similar interests and challenges to make new contacts and build their own networks.

In the online world, social media platforms provide a range of innovative and exciting ways to meet new people in a virtual sense. Social media platforms enable you to present yourself in a high-impact way to audiences that may previously have been out of reach.

The internet has also made it easier than ever to maintain relationships and follow-up on contacts made through other means. Emails, tweets and blogs are just a few examples of communication channels that can reach large audiences in a short period of time and make sure you are easy to find.


Making Networking Easier

Here are some hints and tips for making networking feel a bit less daunting:

  • Act confident. The first step in feeling confident is to make sure you appear confident. Model the behaviour of naturally confident people and you will find that fake confidence soon turns into the real thing.


  • Make yourself as easy to find as possible. There are many networking tools out there, so do not limit yourself to just a few. Try out all of them and see which ones work best for you. The better the fit, the more comfortable it will feel, and the more likely you are to use it effectively.


  • Practice, practice, practice. The more you do it, the easier it feels, and the better you get at it. Make it part of your regular routine, and within time it will start to feel effortless and nothing more than business as usual, and perhaps even something you enjoy.

An Essential Ingredient for Success

Regardless of how naturally it comes to you and how comfortable you feel doing it, networking is an absolute necessity in almost every business and profession. The internet has made it easier than ever to network effectively, and it gives you a larger potential audience than ever before. That said, the principles remain the same, and you should make sure you combine the right behaviours with the right methods to build a network that will help you achieve your professional ambitions.

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