Feel Good. Feel Happy. Stop Saying Sorry

Feel Good. Feel Happy. Stop Saying Sorry

Please watch this video first before reading the post:

This  video is part of the Pantene’s #shinestrong campaign which is part of Pantene’s Shine Strong Fund in partnership with the American Association of University Women. It calls attention to how the apology is too often used as a crutch and a way to downplay female power. Well it’s about time we as females should stop saying sorry.

I am so guilty of this. here are some examples of me saying the S word:

  • I say sorry to my daughter when she does something wrong and I’m the one who did nothing.
  • I say sorry when people walk into me. Even If it really wasn’t my fault.
  • In the week, I apologized for the pasta I thought was overcooked, yet my husband said it was perfect. Not sure why I said sorry for that.

So as you can see, it becomes rather pointless why we apologize for things that were not in our control. I also know that I do it to preserve the peace. I had an epiphany: I apologized when people are having a bad day. I say sorry on behalf on the person who didn’t say sorry. Yes, I said sorry to a friend who was disappointed at another friend. (Huh?)

So you can see where this is going? It’s a little crazy in my honest opinion.

I have no pride that keeps me from saying sorry. In fact I think that if I did anyone wrong, I’d like to know because then I understand what I’m apologizing for, instead of saying it in vain.

Pursue to stop saying sorry if it’s not needed. There is something called compromise. Meaning that if you need to:

Try changing the words “I’m sorry” to “pardon me” or “excuse me”. This will help you to consciously think about why you’re saying sorry and to only use these phrases for their appropriate situations.


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Stop apologizing and start living. You have nothing to be sorry about if you did nothing wrong. Yet, If you did, it’s only fair that the person that you have offended speak up and make you aware that an apology is need to provide a solution to the problem.

Sincerely Sue

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