Spiritual Upliftment: Feel good by shining your Light

Sue Faith Levy_Let your shine

I had to learn to Shine my light, I am happy with who I am. I love who I have become after overcoming the tough times. I cant stop smiling because I am my own Light, and I intend to shine at every chance I get.

As people, we go tough times that can actually make you so sick literally. Trust me I know all about it. I know all about your soul being tarnished and your heart being broken into 10 000 pieces.

I’m not the mistakes that I have made or any of the things that caused me pain
I am not the pieces of the dream I left behind – India Arie

When going through the process of healing, what you need to do is first accept the problem. Thats the hardest part. Only after making peace with all your mistakes, then the healing begins.

I learnt how to unleash my inner goddess. Once again I could look into a mirror without tears, I could smile back at myself with the thought that “I made it and I can stand confidently as a woman who found my faith all over again” These days I laugh louder, I share my light with the world by speaking about my truth. I have grown leaps and bounds and I’m proud of it, I think we all should be after overcoming hardships.

You may not be strong, but keep in mind that GOD is stronger. You might not be tough but GOD is tougher. You might have answers, but you have your FAITH.

So may ask me “How do I all my light to shine?”

My answer is simple: Just be you, and be better than the person you were yesterday and everything will fall into place.

WIth that being said. I was blessed with this song below. Thank you to my friend Rupasha for introducing me to this song. It’s truly beautiful. I’m dedicating this to all who have overcome the toughest of times, those who have healed their broken hearts and most of all, those who allow their light to shine.

Why? Because you are worth all the happiness that comes your way.

Sincerely Sue

Ps. Sing along to the lyric video 🙂 It’s such a feel good song.

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