Inspirational Guest Post: What Inspires Bethaney Gray

The lovely Bethany Gray

The lovely Bethany Gray

Bethaney Gray: Creative Director of Talking Mums Magazine


I had an amazing opportunity to chat to the lovely Bethany Gray from Queensland, Australia. Bethany owns the online magazine called “Talking Mums” Talking Mums Magazine is dedicated to providing Information, Inspiration and Education for mums and their families. Bethany agreed to inspire my readers with a guest Blog Post on what Inspires her. Thank You Bethany for agreeing to share your knowledge with my readers. Be Inspired Ladies!

Sincerely Sue


When people ask me what inspires me I can’t help but be transported back to my teenage years, I spent most of my teens working as a check-out chick and realized then that the dreams that had been growing inside me would not happen unless I jumped off the deep end and made them happen, the next few years were wrought with disappointment and shattered self esteem, my resolve nevertheless was resilient.

Finding that being a relatively uneducated women (who did not want to go to university) it was very difficult to break into my chosen field and get any sort of support that would help advance my dreams, I set myself a task to not only help women like myself, but empower them to believe and achieve dreams that had long been on the shelf, I am passionate about helping business women big and small to realize not only their financial dreams, but how to balance their families effectively, without missing out on just being Mum. My inspiration comes from women like you, who want more in life, proving we can be exceptional mothers, wives and business women side by side, Be inspired by others, Empowered by dreams and achieve by perseverance.

Bethaney Gray

Creative Director of Talking Mums Magazine



Have a look Bethany interviewing some Mums on her You Tube Channel:

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