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Michelle_Madrid-Branch interviewed by South African Motivational Speaker Sue LevyName Michelle Madrid-Branch

What is your Profession and what is it that you do?

I am a former Emmy nominated television news journalist turned inspirational author and spokeswoman. I began in 2010 to share my personal story of transformation ~ breaking away from the hopeless quest for perfection, breaking free from self-sabotage and self-limitation, and breaking through to authentic abundance ~ that which lies within.

My goal is that we, as women, may arrive at a kinder sense of beauty. One that heals, unites, and embraces all women, no matter their race, size, background, or skin tone.

Which obstacles did you overcome on your journey in order to find your true calling?

I was a child of English and Spanish background who was given over to foster care in my native United Kingdom. A ward of the state, after my first parents abandoned me, I was labeled “difficult to place” by my social worker in England, where beauty had its own definition.  With my dark brown eyes, and coloring ~ rather than be seen as beautiful, exotic, or a treasure ~ I was judged as impure. Even after my adoption by Americans, people still could not define me and I was, often, referred to as a bastard, or illegitimate due to the specifics of my birth story.

I lived the shame of my birthparents for many years. Not believing that I was worthy of abundant living. Not believing that I was beautiful ~ scars, flaws, and all. I fell victim to self-demoralization and self-objectification.

Until, the day I received a divine message while in Ethiopia, adopting my daughter. My little girl’s African name means “LetHerBeGreater,” and the translation ignited my passion to transform my life and live my greatness.

Are you living your dream life?

I am living my dream!

Each day, I give gratitude for all that I have. I have learned the power of complete and total forgiveness. For those who hurt me or who tried to hold me back. And, I have also learned the beauty of forgiving myself for the self-punishment I endured for things I could not control. Today, my life grows EVERY SECOND OF THE DAY in potential and in possibility. There are no limits! I am living my passion and it breathes in me the fuel to succeed!

What advice would you give someone who pursues to be in similar profession as yourself?

If you have a dream, if you feel the passion ~ you must believe with all of your heart and soul that you were divinely created to do this thing that you love. You must move forward in the knowledge that no one alive can do what you do – but YOU! You are uniquely qualified to tell your story and to find a way to reach people around the globe. And, you must be believable. Don’t try to be something you are not. If you do, the message will not resonate. Be honest, be strong, be passionate, and do something to move forward each and every day. Connect with other like-minded messengers in your profession. Don’t be afraid to ask for guidance. Finally, enjoy the journey. Take time to find inspiration each day by taking a walk, meditating, writing in a journal…whatever helps you to connect to a deeper part of who you are. This will expand your message, your writing, and your vision. Good luck!

Where do you draw motivation from and What inspires you ?

I draw inspiration from the ocean, from the birds, from my children and from my God. I have learned the absolute freedom of loving myself, as myself. Living my authenticity and letting that shine.

What is your favourite motivational quote and why?

 One is my own: “Embrace your story and the imperfections in your life. Be clear in the knowledge that without them, you would not be who you are today.”

The other quote is from Dame Margaret Drabble: “When nothing is sure, everything is possible.”

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Dear Michele

Connecting with you came at such an ideal time in my life. A few days before receiving your email, I sat back on my couch decided to manifest meeting women who share my passion in bringing about change in the world by spreading the word of encouragement.

When I read your email, I was blown away. I got excited because it was proof that what one manifests comes true. Having a look at your work and what you do is so inspirational. You are really an Inspiration to me. I love your articles and I think your story is so motivational to me and my readers.

The name of your website tells me that you believe that women have a greater purpose on this earth and that we all posses a greatness that needs to be tapped in on a regular basis, I can truly appreciate that.

You officially have a new reader and I wish you all the success in the world, I know that you will do great things. I am now manifesting that one day I shall meet you and chat about our passions.

Keeping you in my thoughts and thank you for being on my blog and supporting my Initiative. You deserve to be on this blog for sure.

Sincerely Sue

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